OPE Data Spotlight: 61 percent of dealers say Q1 results were below plan

Following are more results from the OPE Q1 Dealer Survey. The survey, conducted in late March, represents a range of more than 100 independent servicing OPE dealerships from 30 states, with the following annual revenue breakdowns in a typical year by dealer respondent:

Less than $500,000 — 31%

$501,000-$999,000 — 24%

$1-$2 million — 15%

$2-$3 million — 12%

$4 million or more — 18%

When asked to characterize their first quarter business performance relative to plan, the responses tended to the negative side of the ledger thank in large part to COVID-19.

A total of 61 percent of respondents said their Q1 business performance was below their plan; 30 percent were on plan and 9 percent were above plan.

— Dave McMahon, editor


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