A closer look at the all-new OPE Business digital edition

In case you haven’t taken a stroll through the debut edition of OPE Business magazine, here’s a closer look at what you can expect from the brand formerly known as Outdoor Power Equipment.

Inside, you’ll find a host dealer-focused articles and aimed at providing intelligence and insight that will help you consider to expand your own store. Among the dealerships being featured in the inaugural edition are Blunard’s Repair and Equipment, L.T.G. Power Equipment, Nord Outdoor Power Equipment, Ellsworth Chainsaw, Paul’s Lawn & Garden, Allsport Powersports and more.

Click the image above to read the debut edition of OPE Business.

Plus the usual array of industry features, the Anonymous Distributor, Hot Products and more.

Don’t miss the Focus section on the Landscape Business Twenty for 2020, featuring the top products that your landscape contractor customers will be seeking this year.

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at epgmediallc.com


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