Honda launches Bluetooth app for generators

Alpharetta, Georgia-based Honda Power Equipment is making generator use easier and more convenient for your dealership’s customers with the launch of the Honda My Generator Bluetooth App.

The app allows a user to start (electric start models only), stop, and monitor critical operations of a portable Honda generator remotely from a compatible Apple device or Android smartphone through a Bluetooth interface.

Honda Power Equipment launches its exclusive Honda My Generator Bluetooth App during the exceptionally active 2020 hurricane season, a time when many consumers are preparing their homes and families against powerful tropical storms.

The app operates within a 75-foot line of sight, allowing the user to start (electric start models only) and stop the generator; monitor a range of information, such as output power, engine operating hours, oil life, (fuel level EU7000iS only), estimated run times based on power usage; as well as receive warnings and routine maintenance reminders.

The Honda My Generator Bluetooth App also allows the user to control multiple, compatible Honda generators from a single mobile device. On Honda generators that feature electric start — the EM5000, EM6500 and EU7000iS — the Honda My Generator Bluetooth App allows for remote starting, stopping and monitoring. Honda pull start models, such as the EU2200i, require manual start-up, but the new app allows for remote stopping and monitoring.

Millions of customers depend on Honda generators for work, home, and play applications, such as tailgating, camping, jobsites, and emergency home backup during power outages.

“The Honda My Generator Bluetooth App combines remote generator operation and monitoring with impressive performance, unmatched convenience, and a host of other benefits designed to deliver maximum remote freedom and control to the user,” said Will Walton, vice president of Honda Power Equipment. “Our Honda My Generator Bluetooth App puts valuable information in the palm of the hand of the consumer and provides an exceptional user experience. Whether someone is depending on a generator at home during a storm or enjoying an adventure at a remote campsite, this new Honda technology offers enhanced ease of use and flexible operation.”

The Honda My Generator Bluetooth App operates with selected Apple devices and Android smartphones. The app is compatible with the majority of iOS devices introduced during the last four years, including iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus (and newer), along with the iPad Pro 13.3 (and newer) — Apple devices using iOS versions 11.0 (and newer). The app also is compatible with Android smartphones using software versions 9.0 (and newer). The Honda My Generator Bluetooth App is easy to install and operate: the owner simply downloads the app and follows the pairing instructions.

Honda Power Equipment will roll out the Honda My Generator Bluetooth App on selected generator models throughout 2020, starting in September with four models — the popular EU2200i and EU2200i Companion Super Quiet Series inverter generators for work, home, and recreational applications and the Deluxe Series EM5000 and EM6500 units for home backup and workplace power. The Honda My Generator Bluetooth App will be available on the EU7000iS and the EU2200i Camo models later this fall.


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