Snowthrowers among top 10 segment searches in August: exclusive

ARI has provided data exclusively for OPE Business readers that details the top 10 most searched segments on OPE dealership websites during August. The data is taken from dealership websites that are powered by ARI.

Residential zero-turn mowers were the most-searched segment, ahead of commercial ZTRs. Residential snowthrowers – walk behind broke into the top 10 in August.

August Top 10 OPE Top Segment Searches

1. Residential Lawn Mowers – Zero-Turn

2. Commercial Lawn Mowers – Zero-Turn

3. Residential Lawn Mowers – Riding

4. Residential Lawn Mowers – Walk Behind

5. Agricultural Tractors – Compact

6. Agricultural Tractors – Utility

7. Residential Generators – Generators

8. Agricultural Tractors – Sub-Compact

9. Residential Snowthrowers – Walk Behind

10. Commercial Lawn Mowers – Walk Behind

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at

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