Engine option picked for first-ever Spartan stand-on mower

The new Spartan Mowers KG stand-on mower, the first Spartan stand-on unit ever, combines all the best features of a zero-turn mower with a stand-on unit and works faster and smoother thanks to the powerful Vanguard BIG BLOCK 37.0 Gross HP engine. 

“Spartan’s new KG stand-on mower takes advantage of everything we love about its ZTR mowers and applies it to a stand-on unit — including Vanguard power,” said Chris Davison, senior marketing manager, Vanguard commercial power, Briggs & Stratton. “We’re excited to see the BIG BLOCK 37 Gross HP EFI engine offer a high-quality and efficient cut on this exciting new stand-on offering.”

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The Vanguard BIG BLOCK 37.0 Gross HP engine.

The new BIG BLOCK 37.0 Gross HP is designed with Vanguard EFI technology for a powerful and fuel-efficient ride. The Vanguard EFI technology utilizes the Engine Control Module (ECM) to tune every single operating point unique to the engine. It takes in all of the signals from the engine sensors to make cycle-by-cycle decisions on how much fuel and spark to provide the engine and when. This means improved starting at all temperatures, smooth performance at all elevations, quick load acceptance and reduced fuel consumption on the new KG.

Designed to be simple to use and offering eight adjustable settings for weight and comfort angles, the KG is the smoothest stand-on/sit-on combination mower to hit the market.

Additional features of the Spartan King of the Grass mower include:

• An operator’s platform with four (4) progressive bushings – allowing for 100-300 lb operator comfort.

• Smoother Parker Integrated Hydros

• Four (4) adjustable shocked dual independent front suspension forks

• Front radial castor tires – providing smoother, faster, controllable operation

• Wide radial tires with Spartan’s exclusive tread design – softening the ride while producing superior traction

• 18,500 feet per minute blade tip speed, and unique baffling to allow for a pristine cut

These features, combined with the effortless power of the Vanguard 37.0 Gross HP BIG BLOCK, offer operators an incredibly comfortable ride without sacrificing cut quality or productivity. 


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