Briggs & Stratton study reveals COVID-19 lawn care trends

Briggs & Stratton recently conducted research examining the impact of COVID-19 on lawn care and maintenance for a healthy mower. The study found that 27% of homeowners mow more in a given week than before COVID-19, but many homeowners don’t know their mower needs regular care and attention to be at its best.

In fact, less than half of the respondents felt they understood the maintenance requirements of their lawn care equipment. And 16% said they didn’t understand it at all.

As an independent servicing dealer, it’s an opportunity for you to empower new home maintenance enthusiasts to take ownership of their hobby, so when they return to it next spring their equipment is as ready as they are.

That means your staff needs to make sure your customers understand outdoor equipment maintenance needs, plus how — and when — to perform them.


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