OPE Business chats billboards and marketing with Giles Outdoor Power Equipment

It’s always great to chat with the men and women out there running their own independent OPE dealerships, and OPE Business had the chance to talk with the owner of Giles Outdoor Power Equipment, Coy Giles.

We were curious about Giles’ new marketing endeavor – putting up a billboard on Interstate-75. When the billboard first went up, Giles OPE told social media followers that the first person to spot the new billboard would receive a new Giles hat.

Coy Giles of Giles Outdoor Power Equipment

How long did it take for someone to spot the billboard on the interstate? “I did a giveaway to the person who saw it first,” Coy told us, “and within maybe an hour or so, someone saw it.” That’s a fast response, and something other OPE dealerships may want to consider as they finish up their marketing plans for 2021.

Stay tuned for the full story on Giles Outdoor Power Equipment, the details behind advertising with a billboard, and more on how Giles built a successful OPE dealership after leaving the real estate industry behind in a future issue of OPE Business magazine.

— Joy Burgess, Managing Editor, jburgess at epgmediallc.com


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