Landmaster’s new electric UTV brings May delivery, $10,999 MSRP

Columbia City, Indiana-based American Landmaster has announced their release of a lithium-powered side-by-side called the Landmaster EV. Dealers will have the new lithium-powered EVs in their showroom starting mid-May 2021.

The Landmaster EV starts at $10,999 MSRP, with the extended-range version priced at $12,299.

The new American Landmaster EV will be at dealerships in May with a starting MSRP of $10,999. Photos courtesy of American Landmaster

The model is built on the same chassis as their flagship product, the L7. Being built with their proprietary independent rear suspension system (LROSS1), Landmaster claims the drive experience in their EV is incredibly smooth.

“We are combining the smooth ride of the L-ROSS suspension system, the powerful torque of an AC motor, and cleanly packaged 48V lithium ion battery cell, allowing the all new American Landmaster EV machine to quietly maneuver over different terrain,” said Jordan Miller, American Landmaster lead engineer. “The L-ROSS suspension system moves swiftly over ridges, rocks, logs and other rough terrain. Even while traveling at higher speeds over these obstacles, the ride quality is top-of-the-line.”

American Landmaster will be the first OEM in the marketplace to offer this kind of technology, and affordability in an electric side-by-side model. Partnering with two of the industry’s best, and most reliable leaders in lithium technology and AC motors, Landmaster has been able to move quickly to advance their product to the marketplace. 

The Landmaster EV is equipped with an AC motor, powered by a single 105AH lithium battery pack. The standard battery pack provides a 45-mile max range. Coming later this summer, customers can upgrade to an Extended-Range 160AH battery pack, increasing the range to 65 miles. Each battery comes equipped with a rapid-charge feature, allowing the user to get up to 80% charge in as little as two hours. The dash is also equipped with a true state-of-charge LED meter, giving the driver a precise level of battery life. An audible low-battery alert activates when below 10%.

The standard suspension system will provide 500 lbs. bed capacity, while the HD suspension system will provide up to 700 lbs. bed capacity.

“We’re ready to launch something big, and at prime time for spring. If you thought the ride experience and suspension was nice in our L7 gas-powered model, you’re going to love it even more in our EV. When we had our sneak-peak event last summer, dealers stated that one of their favorite models was our lithium-powered EV,” said David Piercy, marketing director For American Landmaster.

“The goal was to produce a robust electric-powered machine that reduces the worry of running out of battery. With this machine, we’ve done just that. Longer range, longer lasting and highly capable of doing everything you do with a gas-powered model. And even better, it’s at a remarkable price.”

American Landmaster claims that their new EV will provide consumers with an electric side-by-side that is longer-lasting, maintenance-free, heavy duty and fun for the whole family.

“The new Landmaster EV will outperform any electric utility vehicle on the market today, and is far more capable than any lithium golf car that is out there,” said Andy Carney, regional sales rep for the Florida territory. “The EV all around is a higher value, lower priced machine than any other OEM in the lithium side-by-side market. The commercial space for this machine is huge.”

— Dave McMahon, editor, dmcmahon at



  1. Very interested in the lithium battery powered UTV, cost and availability. We have a lithium battery powered golf cart and love it. We are looking for a utility vehicle for our ranch in CA.

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