Rotary’s New Copperhead Chain Saw Parts

Rotary’s new Copperhead chain saw parts include professional-grade chain, recoil starters, bumper links, pro sprocket bars and various multi-part assortments containing carburetors, intake gaskets, filters, standard and metric bolts, bar stud nuts and chain links.

The company’s professional-grade Copperhead chain saw line also includes chain saw bars, plain straps and presets, plus low-profile, semi-chisel, full chisel and skip tooth chain in cut loops or 25-ft. and 100-ft. reels. Rotary also carries a variety of tri-link saw chain featuring titanium-coated full chisel cutters that saw up to 20-percent faster than semi-chisel chain.

Rotary’s Copperhead Chain Saw Catalog, free for servicing dealers and distributors, features popular saw bars and chain, plus repair parts, tools and accessories. In addition, its Copperhead saw bars, engineered for powerful performance, are highlighted in a special section of Rotary’s 2021 master catalog, along with a chain crossover comparison chart and a chain scale chart.



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