Subcompact Tractors: Their Impact on the Market

Will compact and subcompact tractors continue to show growth throughout 2021? And what impact are they currently having on the OPE market?

In our “Tractor Trends 2021” report, we turned to five tractor manufacturers – John Deere, Kioti, Kubota, New Holland and Yanmar America – to answer this question and others.

Doran Herritt, tractor product marketing leader, New Holland, North America: “Subs are one of the highest growth tractor segments. Sub sales will be tied to how long the migration from cities trend lasts and the economy stays strong. Short term, this should continue.”

Christina Propst, senior marketing manager, KIOTI Tractor: “Contractors are increasingly realizing that when it comes to tractors, big things often come in small packages. Subcompact tractors aren’t just for maintaining your property but also function as a do-it-all workhorse that helps professionals get the job done more efficiently and effectively. By fitting in tighter spaces that larger equipment cannot reach, subcompact tractors provide an added element of versatility that can’t be beat. Kioti has long been a leader in the subcompact tractor market, and we’re eager to see heightened interest in this category from professionals.”

Dwayne Glomski, national sales manager, Rural Lifestyle Division, Yanmar America: “In terms of rural lifestyle, we’re seeing families relocating to rural areas from urban and suburban areas to enjoy the more open spaces and healthy living. This shift has been hastened by current trends where more people can work from anywhere. With the population migration to rural areas and desire to manage their property and tend their land, we’re seeing a positive impact with continued increase in demand for subcompact tractors in the market – it has increased year over year at a rate of 24.6 percent (on a rolling 12 month) through April 2021.”

Matthew Carrigan, Kubota product marketing specialist, Kubota: “The compact tractor segment is receiving high impact within the market, with more people leaving urban areas and settling on some acreage outside of these areas. As more and more people continue to move into these rural regions, their need of a tractor will continue to increase, which in turn will continue to drive this upward trend of tractor sales.”

Mark Davey, go-to-market manager, compact utility tractors, John Deere: “Focusing on the John Deere lineup of sub-compacts,our 1023E and 1025R Sub-Compact Tractors continue to be among our most popular tractor models. These are well suited for property owners who need the versatility of a utility tractor in a powerful, yet nimble package that is easy to maneuver around the yard and also convenient to store in a small garage or shed. With all the compatible implements and attachments, the 1023E is an entry-level sub-compact tractor that empowers users to confidently tackle any property-care job.”

Read our entire Tractor Trends 2021 report in the July/August issue of OPE Business.


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