Husqvarna Group Files Lawsuit to Compel Briggs & Stratton to Deliver Engines

Husqvarna Group has filed a lawsuit in South Carolina to compel Briggs & Stratton LLC to deliver all engines for ride-on mowers that Husqvarna had ordered in advance of the 2022 season.

In a press release, Husqvarna stated that Briggs & Stratton has informed the company that it would only deliver “a very small portion of the engines covered by its orders.

“At this late stage, Husqvarna Group’s ability to secure an alternative supply of engines for the 2022 season is extremely limited. Therefore, to protect its customers and operations, Husqvarna Group yesterday filed a lawsuit….”

“In a worst-case scenario, the lack of engine supply could result in a loss of top line sales of up to approximately SEK 2 bn [approximately $238 million U.S.], mainly in 2022 with limited impact in Q4 2021,” Husqvarna stated. “Husqvarna Group is optimistic, however, that the legal proceedings will have a satisfactory outcome, in which case there could be limited (or no) impact on operations, suppliers, customers and financial position.”

Husqvarna Group will provide an update on the issue in conjunction with its Q3 interim report, which will be published on October 20, 2021


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