Global Demand for Consumer Power Lawn and Garden Equipment to Top $15 Billion in 2025: Freedonia Group Forecast

Sales of power lawn and garden equipment rose by more than 10 percent in 2020, spurred by behavioral changes under government-imposed lockdowns and social-distancing protocols, according to a new report from the Freedonia Group, a division of

The report, “Global Power Lawn & Garden Equipment,” notes:

  • Individuals spent more time at home and significantly increased their participation in DIY home improvement activities, including lawn and garden maintenance.
  • Growth was particularly strong in the United States, Australia and similar markets with strong DIY lawn and garden care cultures.

“Going forward, a stronger consumer spending environment offers opportunities for further gains. However, it is likely that participation in DIY lawn care activities will regress toward pre-2020 levels as the impact of the pandemic fades, and industry outreach will be required to sustain consumer interest in these products,” the Freedonia Group states.

Other specifics from the report:

  • Global demand for consumer power lawn and garden equipment will top $15 billion in 2025.
  • Through 2025, global demand growth for consumer power lawn and garden equipment is forecast to moderate somewhat from a high 2020 base. However, increased single-family housing construction and rising consumer spending in countries throughout the world will provide growth opportunities.
  • North America and Western Europe are projected to account for a combined 92 percent of growth through 2025, with the US alone comprising 64 percent of sales gains. However, this is mainly attributable to the longstanding dominance of these regions in consumer sales. Despite market maturity, rising penetration of robotic mowers will promote gains in both regions.
  • The pace of gains in the Asia/Pacific region will also be modest, as the mature markets of Australia and New Zealand account for a large share of consumer demand in the region.
  • Developing countries – particularly in the Africa/Mideast region – will see stronger sales growth, as incomes and construction activity rise. But the lack of ingrained lawn and garden care cultures in these countries will continue to restrict potential market size in the near term.


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