Toro Introduces Latest Commercial and Consumer Equipment at GIE+Expo 2021

At the upcoming GIE+Expo 2021 in Louisville, Toro will introduce an array of new equipment: new commercial products for contractors, new homecare equipment for consumers, a new two-stage battery-powered snowblower and more.

Toro Z Master Revolution

For contractors, the Z MasterRevolution, Grandstand Revolution and Z Master 7500-D 144” will join the Toro lineup:

  • Z Master Revolution – Built on Toro’s commercial-grade Z Master 4000 series frame and Turbo Force deck, the new Toro Z Master Revolution offers robust battery-powered, all-day comfort with Toro’s MyRide suspension system. The suspended operator platform and easy-to-adjust, personalized ride settings are designed for maximum comfort. The Z Master Revolution, as well as the Grandstand Revolution (below), is powered by Toro’s HyperCell Power System, designed to run cooler than other power systems, which results in all-day power and reliability, states Toro. The battery management system (BMS) allows for longer run times and quick charging.
  • Grandstand Revolution – A powerful machine designed for high performance, the Grandstand Revolution features a Turbo Force Deck with adjustable baffle; operators can adjust the deck baffle to get a pristine cut in any conditions. The Turbo Force deck is a 50 KSI 7-gauge, high-strength steel deck, complemented with an extra strength tubular chassis and rugged I-beam front-end. It also features dual capture anti-scalp rollers to ensure the highest quality of cut in the harshest terrain, the company reports. The GrandStand Revolution is engineered to combine the speed and comfort of a zero-turn rider with the on-and-off ease of a wide area walk-behind. As noted above, it’s powered by Toro’s HyperCell battery system.
  • Z Master 7500-D 144” – With its massive 144-inch cutting deck, the 7500-D 144” takes productivity to a new level. Plus, the mowing deck can fold its wings up to 83 inches, allowing it to fit on most standard trailers. The wings flex up to 20 degrees and down to 15 degrees, and hug the ground during mowing, providing a pro-quality cut on uneven terrain. The Z Master 7500-D 144” also features Toro’s Horizon technology, automatically adapting to changing terrain on the fly by choosing the right operating mode for the conditions; the Horizon onboard intelligence platform enhances the performance of the machine in various mowing conditions, and protects the mower by monitoring engine oil temperature and pressure. Other features include a protective engine hood, bullnose bumper, 250-lb. Warner clutch and a 7-gauge deck.
Toro Grandstand Revolution

All three new Toro commercial products come Horizon360 capable – Toro’s new business software suite allows landscape contractors to effectively track the productivity of their crews and equipment, automate their billing process, and enhance the time management of their businesses. Horizon360 also offers proof of service, job notes and office notes, real-time equipment tracking and a bi-lingual phone app for managing scheduling, weather events and multiple crews.

“The new Z Master Revolution and Grandstand Revolution take two of Toro’s beloved mower platforms and revolutionizes them with battery power that will outlast the sun,” says Chris Vogtman, director of marketing at Toro. “We’re also excited to introduce the new Z Master 7500-D 144”, which helps landscapers make easy work of large amounts of acreage. Plus, all the new equipment comes Horizon360 capable, which is a real advantage for creating business efficiencies.”

Toro is also introducing five new Super Recycler models, plus a newly redesigned Attachment Capable 60V PowerHead.

Toro has redesigned its 21-in. Super Recycler line from the ground up. The five new SKUs (21565, 21564, 21563, 21566, 21566T) have been overhauled to introduce core innovations and technologies into the lineup, and integrate commercial-grade elements. The redesigned Super Recyclers feature commercial-grade construction throughout, starting with a military-grade cast aluminum deck for added dependability. Toro also added sealed ball bearings to all four wheels to reduce friction and extend mower life. The new platform comes with an improved, taller aerodynamic tunnel – a feature inspired by Toro’s commercial line, that offers better grass clipping management. The new tunnel improves air flow under the deck as clippings interact with the kickers and accelerators; it also improves bagging performance by sending clippings further back into the bag.

Available this fall, the new Super Recycler line also features a new enhanced steering wheel design with Toro’s Personal Pace Auto-Drive. Plus, Vortex technology on all the new units allows for greater under deck airflow to finely chop grass clippings with the accelerators and kickers, and pull grass up, delivering an even cut. In addition, Traction High Wheels now come standard; they feature a new tread pattern that delivers enough traction to get up hills without tearing up grass while easily maneuvering across uneven terrain.

Horizon360 business software

The new Toro Attachment Capable 60V Power Head, powered by the Flex-Force Power System, can be combined with one of five attachments – string trimmer, cultivator, stick edger, pole saw or pole hedge trimmer – to make quick work of any lawncare job. The Flex-Force system provides maximum runtime and power to the entire suite of more than 35 Toro 60V products thanks to cutting-edge Lithium-Ion battery and RunSmart technology.

“Revamping the renowned Super Recycler line brings a modern edge and commercial grade performance to home lawn care,” says Aran Brosnan, senior marketing manager at Toro. “These five new units give homeowners the robust productivity of a professional lawnmower, and are offered in gas or battery-powered models. Plus, the new 60V Attachment Capable Power Head offers battery-powered flexibility homeowners need for superior lawn maintenance.”

At GIE+Expo, Toro is also showcasing its new 60V Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower. Part of Toro’s Flex-Force Power System line, the new snow blower is available in two models: the e24 and e26.

The new snow blower is the only battery-powered unit designed with three battery ports. With two batteries on board, the e26 clears 30 parked car spaces on one charge. With a third battery port on board, you can harness the power of three 7.5ah 60V Flex-Force batteries to easily clear 45 parked car spaces in up to 10 inches of snow, says the company.

Built with long-lasting, heavy-duty steel, the new 60V snow blowers feature Toro’s Quick Stick chute control to easily put snow where needed, and on the go. The new snow blower does not require shear pins and features a hardened gear and auger, as well as an anti-clogging system. Additionally, Toro has equipped the e26 model with handwarmers.

“This unit is identical to Toro’s gas two-stage model in every way, except it packs its powerful punch with our Flex-Force Power System, the most powerful battery in its class,” says Tom Werner, senior marketing manager at Toro. “The new 60V Power Max snow blower makes quick work of clearing serious snow, ice and heavy drifts – all on one charge.”



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