John Deere and UAW Members Reach Tentative Agreement

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John Deere and the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) have reached a tentative agreement that would cover more than 10,000 workers at a dozen Deere locations across the country. However, the strike that began in mid-October will continue while workers review the terms of the deal ahead of a ratification vote that will take place November 2.

Chuck Browning, UAW VP and director of the Agricultural Implement Department said the tentative agreement contains enhanced economic gains and continues to provide the highest-quality healthcare benefits in the industry: “The negotiators focused on improving the areas of concern identified by our members during our last ratification process.”

Although the UAW indicated it would not release details of the tentative agreement to the public “until members at all John Deere locations have an opportunity to meet and review the terms of their proposed contract,” UAW Local 838 in Iowa posted some agreement details on its Facebook page, which included:

  • Wages projected to increase by approximately 30 percent over the six years of the new contract (including base wages, incentives, profit-sharing, lump sum payments and other payroll benefits);
  • Constant healthcare co-pays during the six years;
  • Healthcare coverage begins after the first 30 days of employment; and
  • Two weeks of paid parental leave.




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