Solar Alliance Unveils Commercial Powershed Design at GIE+Expo

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. launched the commercial version of Powershed, a solar-powered charging station for robotic lawnmowers, at GIE+Expo 2021. Solar Alliance is now selling Powershed to retail and commercial customers.

“The commercialization process for Powershed has resulted in an efficient, elegant technology that expands, simplifies and improves the operation and use of robotic lawn mowers,” says Solar Alliance CEO Myke Clark. “The Powershed technology is unique and delivers renewable energy benefits to a fast-growing industry. This is no longer a prototype, and we are now rolling out our sales and marketing strategies to meet the growing demand for this product.”

The commercial version of Powershed has seen an increase of 33% in power generation per unit since the first prototype was conceived, Solar Alliance reports.

Solar Alliance developed the Powershed design in cooperation with a researcher from the University of Tennessee. Designed to meet demand through a scalable production model, Powershed will initially be offered through commercial distribution partners and direct sales; Solar Alliance notes that “the possibility of sub-licensing the product to robotic lawnmower manufacturers exists and will be pursued as demand increases.”


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