Segway Powersports Partners with TrueTimber for Off-Road Vehicles

Segway Powersports has announced a licensing partnership with TrueTimber that will enable it to utilize TrueTimber Prairie camo on the company’s off-road vehicle lineup. 

TrueTimber Prairie incorporates both macro and micro camo schematics. The macro design breaks up the human outline at all distances, while the micro schematic is designed to melt into any terrain at close range. Originally designed as an abstract waterfowl pattern, Prairie has quickly gained traction outside of wetlands, blinds, marshes and sloughs.

Segway Powersports’ Fugleman UT10X Prairie Camo

Segway Powersports’ first offering of the Prairie camo will be on the newly released Fugleman utility vehicle. The Fugleman features: a naturally aspirated 1000cc twin in-line cylinder engine with 105 horsepower; a 10.4-in. touchscreen dash; Segway’s Smart Moving App giving the driver complete control of their vehicle with a mobile device that includes remote vehicle activation, selectable driver settings, safety alerts, accident notification and more. The Fugleman UT10X Prairie Camo will be available starting at a U.S. MSRP of $16,999.

TrueTimber Prairie incorporates both macro and micro camo schematics

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Segway and see our camo patterns offered on Segway off-road vehicles,” says TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “Prairie is such a versatile pattern and we’ve seen it perform in a variety of landscapes all over the world. Segway is a huge player in the powersports industry, so adding them to our list of partners is very exciting.”

Shane Wilson, vice president for Segway Powersports, says: “We’re excited about the long-term partnership formed with TrueTimber. Our commitment of producing industry leading premium products for outdoor enthusiasts and conducting business with honesty and integrity are the foundational roots of both companies.”




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