Small Engine Warehouse Installs Solar Field to Offset Electrical Costs, Decrease Carbon Footprint

Small Engine Warehouse in Muncie, Indiana, has announced that it has installed a solar field on its property – an alternate energy-source initiative designed to offset its electrical costs for daily operations and decrease the company’s overall carbon footprint.

The solar field has been installed in a previously unused part of the company’s property. The field comprises 23 ground mount solar arrays, each measuring 13 x 46 feet. In all, the total solar panel count is 644, and the total inverter count is 207; the net capacity of those is 276.9 kW.

Small Engine Warehouse had initially been seeking an alternate source of energy for its large building during power outages. However, when the company heard of a church that had installed a similar (but smaller) solar field to reduce its own energy consumption from the electrical grid, they saw potential in this solution for their own operational needs, says Scott Vance, Small Engine Warehouse’s general manager.

After meeting with SolarCam, a Rochester, Indiana-based provider of cutting-edge solar energy solutions, Vance and company were able to confirm this potential, and Small Engine Warehouse began moving forward with the project.

“There are so many benefits of using solar energy for our company. As individuals, we also feel like this project improves our community,” says Vance. “We have invested in a 30-year solution in a renewable energy for a reasonable cost, with low maintenance and a good warranty to back it up. The solar field is reliable, creates zero pollution, offsets our energy costs, and we still consider the land used as ‘green’ space. It has changed that neglected land with no purpose to a clean area that harvests the sun’s energy and benefits our community.”

“SolarCam quickly proved to be knowledgeable and experienced on the matter, quoting a solution tailored for our company’s needs,” continues Vance. “I think we were convinced after the first meeting that there was a bigger concept to consider and more to be gained than we had originally thought. Jim Straeter and his team easily showed us the benefits of generating solar power on our property.”

Family owned since 1974, Small Engine Warehouse sells a variety of engines and parts for outdoor power equipment and lawn and garden products, and has a fully equipped service center with skilled Briggs & Stratton Master Certified Service Technicians, plus full-time engineers who custom build engines. The company is an authorized engine and parts dealer for Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, MTD, Subaru and Tecumseh.




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  1. It’s up to businesses what they want to do, but the statements are little beyond the pale. To state that there is “zero pollution” is a stretch, and calling a solar panel field “green space” is Orwellian. Solar panels most certainly generate pollution starting at the mining phase and eventually leach heavy metals into the ground so they have to be properly monitored.

    Since when is unuseable land considered green space? No many birds and squirrels are goign to make nests on a solar panel and water run off can and does cause other issues. If SEW thinks solar panels are what serves their business best then so be it. However, please don’t try to spin and virtue signal. People are not being told the entire story.

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