John Deere Introduces New Automotive-Inspired Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicles

John Deere has introduced the XUV835R Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicle and the XUV865R Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicle. Both boast premium, automotive-inspired features, designed to take the company’s line of utility vehicles to the next level for customers.

Both Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicles come standard with:

  • Genuine leather seats and leather-wrapped grab handles;
  • Integrated touchscreen infotainment system that delivers automotive-grade smartphone integration, rear-facing camera, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, AM/FM and SiriusXM satellite radio;
  • A seven-speaker sound system, professionally tuned by Harmon;
  • Rear-facing camera that displays image on the infotainment screen to provide better visibility when attaching trailers or spreading materials like seed or salt;
  • Bumper Pro Brush Guard that protects the front of the vehicle, provides rubber bumpers for pushing gates, and features a center screen to keep debris from entering the radiator;
  • Front roof-mounted LED driving lights; and
  • Rear-sliding window.

“At John Deere, ‘Signature Edition’ means top of the line with the best features and upgrades,” says Maureen McCormack, go-to-market manager, Gator Utility Vehicles. “That’s exactly what you’ll get with Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicles – leather seats, touchscreen infotainment system, high-end audio, rear-facing camera – it’s the best of the best in UVs.”

The XUV835R and XUV865R Signature Edition vehicles also feature a climate-controlled cab, easier shifting with an integrated park brake, informative instrument cluster, and 4-wheel drive and differential lock with the flip of a switch.

Signature Edition Gator Utility Vehicles are slated to arrive at John Deere dealerships beginning in April 2022, the company states.



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