Snapper Brand Gets a New Look, Tone

Snapper, the Briggs & Stratton brand, is starting off 2022 with a refreshed look, a new website and the return of Sam the Snapper, the brand’s original icon.

“The refreshed brand evokes a nostalgia with a simpler logo, a hint of humor in the brand’s content and ads and images that take you back to the pride you felt the first time you mowed your first lawn,” states Briggs & Stratton.

A cast iron turtle head ornament appeared on some of the earliest “Snappin’ Turtle” mowers in the 1950s. That association with the brand eventually led to Sam the Snapper as an icon for Snapper mowers. Like the brand, Sam has evolved over the years and was most recently used in 2009 before making his return as part of the current brand refresh.

Now, the Snapper brand, which celebrated 70 years in 2021, is building on seven decades of crafting easy-to-use equipment and opportunities for families to create memories and landscapers to build their businesses. The new look, states the company, leans into that heritage as Snapper continues to attract the next generation of users.

“We hear time and again from our customers that their first experience mowing a lawn was with a Snapper. The connection with their parents or grandparents in that moment, and the sense of accomplishment sticks with them,” says Christin Wam, director of marketing, Briggs & Stratton’s Turf & Consumer Products Group. “We wanted the new look of the brand to honor the connection so many people have with Snapper and the memories that the brand brings to mind.”

In addition to the new logo and website (, the brand has also launched an Instagram page (@snappermowers) to further its engagement with customers.

The Snapper line of products now includes zero-turn mowers and tractors as well as walk mowers, a full suite of 82V battery-operated tools and a line of turf care products specifically for landscape professionals.



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