Kohler Joins eFuel Alliance

Kohler has joined the eFuel Alliance, the European organization that represents the interests of companies producing synthetic fuels from renewable energy on an industrial scale.

“Kohler is proud to be a member of the eFuel Alliance. E-fuels, electric motors and hybrid solutions represent an additional solution for the reduction of CO2 emissions. At Kohler we have always been innovation-oriented; that’s why we are ready to develop clean energy solutions for our customers and the users of their machines and equipment. We are thus committed to playing an active role in the new association,” says Nino De Giglio, director of marketing, communication and channel management at Kohler Engines.

The eFuel Alliance currently has more than 130 members. In addition to Kohler, its membership roster includes such companies as Stihl, Bosch, Mazda, ExxonMobil and Siemens Energy.

“Technological progress has always driven engine development at Kohler – from diesel engines to marine engines,” says Ralf Diemer, CEO of eFuel Alliance. “A partnership with a manufacturer of conventional engines helps us to promote biogenic fuels so that they can take root all over the world. They are an excellent alternative to conventional fuels, especially suited to reduce CO2 emissions – including those from the off-road sector – in a decisive and economical way until reaching climate neutrality. In this direction, thanks to the American company’s continuous innovation, we have the certainty of mutual collaboration towards energy transition”.




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