Engineered Sintered Components Company, Keystone Powdered Metal Company to Merge

Keystone Powdered Metal Company (KPMC) and Engineered Sintered Components Company (ESC), both affiliates of Sumitomo Electric Industries, have announced plans to merge. The two companies manufacture powder metal components for OEMs in the outdoor power equipment market as well as automotive and industrial equipment industries. The merged entity will retain the Keystone Powdered Metal Company name.

“The synergies of the two companies led us to the decision to pursue the merger,” says Keystone president Michael Stauffer. “Today’s KPMC product mix slants heavily toward large tonnage highly engineered transmission components, while ESC is more focused on high precision engine components. We believe our customers will derive significant value from this merger.”

Founded in 1927, Keystone is headquartered in St. Marys, Pennsylvania; it was acquired by Sumitomo Electric Industries in 2016. In addition to its work with the automotive industry, Keystone produces an array of products for the outdoor power equipment market, including bevel gears, spur gears, and sprockets; hedge trimmer and string trimmer gears and bearings; transaxle gears and bushings; and power hand tool carriers and gears.

Engineered Sintered Components Company, located in Troutman, North Carolina, was started in 1989 as a joint venture between Sumitomo Electric and Eaton Corporation for automotive valve train component manufacturing. It produces products for the OPE industry (small engine valve train components; gears, sprockets and pulleys; bushings; structural components) as well as the powersports market, automotive and heavy truck/industrial.




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