EPG Launches New Specialty Information Company, Continuing Investment in Market Intelligence and Analytic Tools

Billions of data points. Millions of people. Thousands of potential strategies and solutions to inform your business decisions.

To better serve the power sports/equipment and adult beverage industries, EPG – the parent company of OPE Business – has created a new company: EPG Specialty Information. It combines its Beverage Handbooks and the Market Data Books with the latest technology to deliver new actionable measurements, reports and analysis.

“The launch of EPG Specialty Information is the logical next step in the growth of our business which has included investments in analytic tools, human capital and market intelligence,” states Andrew Esham, vice president and managing director of the new company. “Development of our data products is complete, and we are in the exciting phase of scaling our consumer and trade insights to boost the data-driven decision-making abilities of our clients.”

EPG Specialty Information has also announced the development of two new services: My Voice Rewards and Beverage Excelerator.

My Voice Rewards is a consumer panel and survey service that leverages the enthusiasm of our curated audiences to provide detailed consumer insights to players across the industry – from OEMs to trade and service organization, to dealerships. My Voice Rewards offers syndicated reports and proprietary custom studies and analytic services. Visit the consumer website at MyVoiceRewards.com.

Beverage Excelerator, built on a simple, easy to maneuver platform transforms the static nature of the company’s Beverage Handbooks into a flexible interactive tool allowing users to combine data dimensions to create charts and extracts tailored to their unique business needs. Beverage Excelerator is designed to support a wide range of customers and is the first phase of a strategy to procure and combine multi-channel industry data offering the broadest and deepest view of the adult beverage industry.

Information is mission critical as well: EPG Specialty Information combines deep industry expertise with proprietary demographic, psychographic, behavioral, purchase-based and consumption data sets. These insights can be utilized to tailor brand positioning in the marketplace with precision, or be combined with a company’s own first-party data.

The launch of EPG Specialty Information is a spin-off of the group’s rebrand of its Media and Marketing Services business under a new entity – EPG Brand Acceleration – using first-party market data and targeted media content to create brand fans. The relaunch is designed to focus on helping clients experientially engage their audience across multiple channels.



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