Husqvarna Expands Power for All Alliance Partnership

Husqvarna Group’s Husqvarna Forest & Garden division is joining the Power for All Alliance with selected products. The alliance, founded by Bosch and Husqvarna Group through its Gardena division in 2020, is one of the world’s largest cross-brand battery alliances, enabling consumers to use the same battery for multiple devices in and around their home and garden.

The Power for all Alliance is based on a common 18V battery system (produced by Bosch) for all brands affiliated with the alliance, enabling consumers to use the same battery and charger for multiple devices, regardless of manufacturer. The Alliance now includes 10 manufacturers of battery-driven products for use in the home and garden. There are an installed base of around 25 million of these batteries on the market.

Power for all Alliance members include:

In its press release, Husqvarna states: “Electrification is changing society and is essential to the transition to a low-carbon economy. Husqvarna Group aims to be a leader in this transition … To continue to drive the consumer adoption of battery-powered products, the Group is using the Power for All 18V battery platform for more cost optimized consumer solutions. We are now expanding this collaboration by adding selected products from the Husqvarna brand to our Gardena and Flymo brands that already were part of this alliance. With a focus on consumer smart, cost-efficient battery solutions, Husqvarna is looking to launch a whole new range for garden owners within the coming year, which will be compatible with the Power for All battery system.”



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