Stiga Introduces Fulcrum Handlebar, Aero Hover Mower

Stiga, the Italy-based manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, has introduced its new Fulcrum handlebar technology as well as its battery-powered Aero Hover mower.

Stiga’s Fulcrum handlebar technology is designed to improve handling of the company’s gas-powered and battery-powered walk-behind mowers. The Fulcrum’s central mechanism, mounted below the steering handle (25mm-thick steel), enables the handlebar to be rotated by 25 degrees with a single movement, allowing the user to mow under hedges and along walls without getting scratched, scuffed or dirty. The height of the handle can also be adjusted. Following a cut, the Fulcrum can be easily stowed away – the quick-release lever lets the handle rotate 180 degrees with a simple twisting motion, so that it can be positioned above the mowing deck to save space.

The Stiga Aero is a cordless, battery-powered mower that glides on air. Designed for small lawns, the Aero features a deck design that uses aeronautical engineering to channel the airflow and create a cushion of air between the mower and the grass – optimizing energy efficiency and cutting performance, the company reports. Powered by two Stiga ePower 20v batteries (4 Ah) and a 750W motor, the Aero will comfortably mow uneven and steep terrains and slopes because the air cushion allows the mower to be effortless maneuvered in any direction. The Aero weighs in at 7 kg (without batteries).

Stiga does not have distribution in the United States or Canada.



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