Walker Factory Day Will Take Place in Fort Collins, Colorado, in September

Walker has announced that it will host Walker Factory Day on Friday, September 23, at its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The free event, states Walker, will offer opportunities for Walker Mower owners, prospective owners and others “to see the current Walker Mower models, tour the factory and grounds, interact with those who create and build the Walker Mower, and more.”

Activities during the event will include:

  • Dodge City Park interactive – attendees will have an opportunity to operate Walker equipment in and around Dodge City Park.
  • Obstacle course – a “World Championship” will be held during the event; open qualifying will take place in the morning with finals taking place in the afternoon. Prizes will be awarded.
  • Technical skills challenge – challenges will highlight the maintainability and durability of the Walker Mower.
  • Factory tour – attendees will discover how the company’s mowers are made from start to finish with a self-guided factory tour.
  • Supplier interaction – attendees can interact with companies that supply Walker with various components and services.

Walker Factory Day will take place 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. in Fort Collins. A catered meal at noon will be provided (an RSVP will be necessary for lunch).



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