Makita Debuts New 40V Max XGT 8.0AH Battery

Makita U.S.A. has introduced its new 40V max XGT 8.0Ah Battery (BL4080F), designed to provide contractors with higher output power for high-demand applications. The new battery is fully compatible with all products in the company’s expanding XGT System, which will offer more than 100 products in 2022, states Makita.

“Makita is excited to announce that the next phase of XGT battery technology is here,” says  said Erick Cornejo, product marketing manager, drilling and fastening, Makita U.S.A. “Last year, Makita launched the XGT Platform to reach the next level of power, and today we are introducing our new 40-volt max eight amp-hour battery. This new battery will give users the next level of run-time needed for higher output power tools and equipment.”

The new 8.0Ah Battery is engineered for higher output power, and delivers up to two-times longer run time than Makita’s 40V max XGT 4.0Ah battery (BL4040), notes the company.

For increased efficiency, the new battery reaches a full charge in 76 minutes or less on the XGT Rapid Optimum Charger (DC40RA). The smart charging system includes built-in chips that allow communication between the battery and charger to control current, voltage and temperature. In addition, the XGT Charger has two built-in fans that circulate air through the battery and circuit board during charging.

As with other XGT batteries, the new 8.0Ah battery features an advanced impact-resistant outer case, a shock-absorbing inner liner, an enhanced cooling system engineered to maximize battery life, and rigid rails with impact-resistant construction to secure the battery to the tool during high-demand applications. The XGT battery system also features digital communication technology that communicates with the tool during use to actively monitor against overload, over-discharge and overheating.



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