OPE Business Top 25 dealership Instagram followers accounts revealed

The OPE Business Top 25 dealership Instagram followers list is back by popular demand. You asked for it, so we started counting!

LSM Outdoor Power in Texas might have undergone a name change since we last saw them in the No. 1 spot, but their IG game did change one bit. The Keller, Texas-based dealership follows OPE Business and has more followers than any other dealership that follows OPE Business.

See if your favorite OPE dealership made the list below. Your dealership has IG game but you’re not on the list? Be sure to follow OPE Business and drop us a note at dmcmahon@epgacceleration.com.

Click the image above to read the article and download a PDF of the September 2022 edition of the magazine.
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