Husqvarna Group reveals future of green space management

Husqvarna Group demonstrated the future of landscaping at the first annual ELEVATE event in Orlando last week. Displaying commercial products from Husqvarna and RedMax, the company demonstrated their leadership in core landscaping tools, a new line of true commercial-grade battery products, robotics and a semi-autonomous wheeled prototype.

The game-changing semi-autonomous stand-on mower is designed for traditional use when needed and features an autonomous operation mode that frees up the operator to work simultaneously on other tasks, such as trimming, edging and blowing.

Also showcased were an all-new line-up of commercial battery-powered professional products, which are set to be released in 2023. The line-up successfully addresses essential performance needs while meeting impending regional emissions and noise regulations.

“Battery, robotics and autonomous solutions are unquestionably the future of landscaping,” said Carlos Haddad, vice-president of North America, Professional at Husqvarna Group. “Given that every property, workforce, even municipality is not the same, the best way for professionals to be strategic and successful is to be cognizant of and engage those products and services that offer solutions for every aspect of their business.”

Speaking at ELEVATE, Haddad reinforced how robotic and autonomous solutions are transforming the industry.


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