DEWALT unveils electric Ascent Series ZTR at Equip Expo

DEWALT, a Stanley Black & Decker brand, unveiled the Ascent zero-turn mower series last week at Equip Expo, the first in a lineup of electric outdoor power equipment for professional landscapers. The Ascent Series will offer a total electric solution with smart technology designed to meet the needs of landscapers. It will be available through DEWALT’s professional dealer network beginning in fall 2023.

“Through expert engineering, cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing, we’re proud to deliver a total electrification experience that is customizable to meet the specific needs of our landscape customers,” said Christine Potter, president of Outdoor for Stanley Black & Decker. “Developed in tandem with professional landscapers to meet tough demands, the Ascent Series will help landscapers ease the transition from gas to electric fleets with a customized battery solution.”

Electric with All the Answers – Features of the Ascent Series:

PowerEquip Battery Program

The Ascent mowers will feature swappable, 3.2 kwh lithium-ion batteries built for all-day runtime while giving landscapers the choice on how to invest in batteries. In connection with the DEWALT Ascent Series, DEWALT plans to offer a PowerEquip battery subscription program that will provide flexible terms to help landscapers reduce upfront battery investments versus purchasing batteries. Additionally, the PowerEquip subscription program would aim to provide peace-of-mind that easy battery exchanges and support are available.

“DEWALT was born on the jobsite – the brand has a proven performance in innovation and battery technology,” said Steve Adcock, vice president of Outdoor business development for Stanley Black & Decker. “We’re using that legacy to set a new standard for electrification in landscaping. The Ascent Series is backed by DEWALT innovation, testing and durability.”

The Ascent mowers can hold up to five batteries to allow landscapers to scale-up runtime based on specific needs. The flexibility and support that the PowerEquip subscription program offers will provide landscapers control of their battery needs.

H-E-2 High-Efficiency Deck

The Ascent Series will also feature a redesigned, high-efficiency deck that will set a new standard for cut quality and performance. With three spindles, each with dual-blade technology and four cutting surfaces, the H-E-2, 60-inch deck is engineered to allow easy airflow to help process and clear grass fast and avoid clumping.

2-in-1 Crossover Functionality

The Ascent Series from DEWALT features the C-60 as the first-ever mower with 2-in-1 crossover functionality. Operators can choose to stand or sit, and the conversion can be made in seconds for jobsite flexibility while maintaining a compact footprint to help optimize trailer space. An R-60 sit-only model will also be available.

GroundCommand Web App

The Ascent mowers will be complemented by the GroundCommand app to give fleet managers real-time visibility into the operational status of each mower, to remotely manage productivity and help optimize runtime. Cellular connectivity will provide live intel about battery life, blade operation, location, driving status, charging status and more with the ability to customize thresholds and notifications.

The Ascent Series mowers are the first in a succession of commercial electric options to come from DEWALT. The brand plans to introduce an electric outdoor product family, all powered by the swappable DEWALT battery system and supported by a nationwide network of dealers.

“We are also excited that the Ascent mowers may soon be eligible for a new tax credit of up to $7,500 for eligible commercial businesses,” said Adcock. “As a leader in the electrification of lawn and garden equipment, we collaborated with policymakers and other stakeholders to meet the demands of this growing outdoor market.”


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