Dixie Chopper enters two segments with new Talon models

Fillmore, Indiana-based Dixie Chopper unveiled its new Talon family of products at the 2022 Equip Exposition in Louisville. The Talon family showcases two new models: Talon R/C and the Talon M/S.

Dixie Chopper is entering into two new markets with the Talon models.

Dixie Chopper Talon R/C

The Talon R/C is a remote-controlled slope mower designed for municipalities, commercial contractors and customers who need to maintain steep inclines safely without an operator on the mower.

Dixie Chopper
Dixie Chopper Talon M/S

The Talon M/S is a robust mini skid steer with full compatibility to connect most attachments, including pallet forks, buckets, augers, grapples and more.

“We are diversifying our product line to cover a wider range of applications,” said Warren Evans, national sales manager. “We are excited to offer the Talon series to our dealer network and for customers to begin putting these products to work.”

The all-new remote-control driven Talon R/C mower gives operators the ability to mow where previously not possible.

“As technology continues to advance, so will Dixie Chopper,” president Lisa Tubbs said. “The Talon R/C unlocks a completely new customer base for us and we look forward to solving customer’s problems with troublesome areas needing maintained safely.”

The Talon R/C is a true hybrid with an electronic fuel injected (EFI) Vanguard 28 horsepower engine and an electric drive system. This combination not only provides low fuel consumption, but gives this unit the power to climb 55-degree slopes. With the bi-directional mowing capability, operators can mow forward and reverse without needing to turn the mower to begin mowing the opposite direction.

The Talon M/S is designed to tackle the toughest jobs. The 24.8-horsepower Kubota diesel engine ensures plenty of power to maneuver even when under its operational capacity. The expandable undercarriage of the Talon M/S allows operators to retract the tracks to 34.5 inches to fit through narrow gates and pathways, or extend to 43.5 inches to keep the unit more stable.

“The versatility of this machine is what sets it apart,” said Eli Kean, marketing manager. “Instead of requiring two machines on the job site due to overall width constraints, the Talon M/S can easily expand and retract as needed for the work being performed.”


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