2 new books from Octane Press: ‘Farmall Century’ and ‘Farmall in the Family’

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Farmall tractor this year, Austin-based independent book publisher Octane Press is celebrating with the launch of two upcoming books: Farmall Century (release date July 4, 2023) for all tractor enthusiasts, and Farmall in the Family: with Casey & Friends (release date April 4) for children ages 4–8.


Farmall Century is a keepsake book that chronicles the rich history of the Farmall tractor. Award-winning author and photographer Lee Klancher, who has been writing on the topic since 1995, was inspired to take on this project in celebration of the 100th-year milestone.

“The original Farmall is one of the most important tractor innovations in history,” says Klancher. “We have published a series of award-winning books covering the red tractors built by Case IH, whose brand heritage include the legendary Farmall and International Harvester tractors. Those books had not gone in-depth on their earliest history, 1902 to 1956, which is considered the golden age of the brand.”

The Farmall anniversary, continues Klancher, “is the perfect time to publish a book covering the early International Harvester years as well as the birth of the Farmall. We also have uncovered a vast store of new details about the historic machines, giving us a wonderful platform to tell great stories that illustrate the history of Farmall and early International Harvester machines.”

Farmall Century is the fourth book in Octane’s Red Tractors series. The first in the series, the award-winning Red Tractors (September 2013), was a worldwide hit and is now in its third edition; it was followed by Red Combines (2015) and Red 4WD Tractors (2017). The three books have won nine independent book publishing awards, with more than 100,000 copies sold.

Also upcoming from Octane Press is Farmall in the Family: with Casey & Friends, by Wisconsin-native, author and educator Holly Dufek. The book takes children on a tractor adventure through the last 100 years—back to when the first International Harvester Farmall tractors were made. Filled with animated characters and colorful illustrations, the 32-page book educates and inspires the younger generation to learn and engage with farming and tractor history.

Farmall in the Family is the eighth in the Casey & Friends book series, which presents farm machinery at work with animated characters. The series incorporates science, technology and math, and is targeted to children ages 4–8.

“The children’s book can light a fire in children, sparking their interest in how farm machines help feed them and the world. The adult book can turn that spark into a life-long passion to learn how these machines have transformed our society and how early America was a seedbed for creating new technology,” says Klancher.

Both books are now available for pre-order on the Octane Press website.

In addition, Octane Press notes that OPE dealers wishing to resell the book can set up a vendor account with the publisher – no minimum order; new vendors receive 50% off retail + free (domestic) shipping for their first purchase. Octane is currently featuring a limited-time vendor special: With the purchase of 16 copies of the regular edition of Farmall Century, dealers receive a complimentary copy of the limited-edition Farmall Century Anniversary Edition. For more info: sales@octanepress.com.

The anniversary edition of Farmall Century features: a brushed aluminum case, uniquely numbered and stamped vintage 1923 IHC logo; book numbers start at QC501 — the same numbering sequence as early Farmall tractors; the cover features a photograph of the iconic 1931 Farmall Regular (the 100,000th Farmall built) printed on a metal plate; total weight: 11 pounds.


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