Husqvarna Updates the 562 Chain Saw

Husqvarna announces the launch of the 562 XP Mark II chain saw. This updated 562 features a new engine design plus AutoTune 3.0 technology for easier starting. It boasts an enhanced power-to-weight ratio and an ergonomic body design to improve handling and maneuverability. Husqvarna also says it delivers an extended runtime, with up to 8% less fuel consumption when compared to the previous generation.

This chain saw uses a 60cc two-stroke engine, and is available with 18-inch up to 28-inch bar lengths. The tool retails for $850.

Husqvarna 562 chain saw

“The 562 has been a trusted member of Husqvarna’s professional chainsaw lineup for years,” said Keith Coultrap, senior director, professional brand with Husqvarna Group. “With the 562 XP Mark II, we have taken dependability to a new level. We are confident that tree care professionals will appreciate how this saw helps maximize their output and productivity.”

The 562 XP Mark II, said Husqvarna, is more than just an upgrade; it is a testament to relentless improvement. Nearly every facet of its design has been fine-tuned to increase durability, improve cutting capacity, reduce weight, and enhance cooling. The result? Unparalleled productivity and uncompromising reliability.

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