Worldlawn buys Encore


Hardy Shao (sitting on mower) has Billy Harms, 1eft, and Mike Navojosky, right, working with him to gear up Worldlawn Power Equipment in Beatrice, Neb.Worldlawn Power Equipment Inc. recently purchased the Encore Manufacturing factory in Beatrice, Neb. This is an expansion of Worldlawn’s current U.S. lawnmower operation located in California.

Worldlawn is now in the process of staffing the Beatrice plant and hopes to put many former employees of the factory back to work and add new talent in key positions. Worldlawn President Hardy Shao comes to Beatrice from Worldlawn’s California operation. Mike Navojosky, national sales manager, knows the outdoor power equipment industry well, having worked with Toro before joining Worldlawn. Billy Harms, national service manager, and Devon McGee, engineer, were selected from the former Encore staff to join Worldlawn.

Worldlawn Power Equipment has considerable expertise in the lawnmower industry. That expertise comes from years of manufacturing and distributing commercial and residential riding and walk-behind mowers to Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States, where there are 10 established distributors. Innovative engineering that implements emerging technology has been cited as the stimulus of Worldlawn’s nearly worldwide success. The Beatrice division is an investment in the U.S. market that merely starts with lawnmowers. Worldlawn plans to add inventive new outdoor power products. When production starts in Beatrice, Hardy Shao and his team will be engineering and manufacturing “Made in the USA” power equipment for the North American market.

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