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 Kohler 7000 Series


 Kohler RH265At GIE+EXPO 2013, Kohler Engines rolled out two new engine lines (Confidant Series and 7000 Series), as well as expanded its 2000 Series.

The new Kohler Confidant Series is a vertical-shaft, V-twin engine line that was carefully designed to meet the unique needs of both commercial equipment users and property owners seeking equipment designed to deliver top-caliber performance and durability. Kohler Confidant engines encompass four models ranging from 19 to 25 hp. Both recoil- and electric-start options are available, so the engines can be easily customized by OEMs for a variety of applications, including wide-area walk-behind and stand-on mowers, zero-turn mowers, and high-end garden tractors.

“We anticipate strong response to our new Confidant engines because these engines really fill a growing need in the marketplace,” said Dan Luhman, senior product manager for Kohler Engines. “Commercial landscapers and other professionals are continuing to look for equipment that provides exceptional value when rounding out their fleets, while still offering exceptional performance and straightforward maintenance. And, at the same time, more and more homeowners are seeking equipment that will deliver professional results and long-lasting performance. Without question, our Confidant engines check all of these boxes and more.”

Durability and top-level performance are built into each model within the Confidant series of engines, which is tested to exceed Kohler’s commercial-duty cycle demands. Key standard features include a cast-iron cylinder liner to protect the engine in extreme operating conditions; dual-seal air filter to keep debris out of the engine; and high-torque inertia drive started with extra-large output for quick, reliable starting.

Each Confidant engine also comes standard with pressure lubrication to keep critical parts protected as well Kohler’s PRO Performance Filtration package, a heavy-duty professional filtration bundle that includes a 3,500 cm2 air filter, a 6.5-gram oil filter, and a 9-12 micron fuel filter. Another standard feature, although not available on wide-area walk-behind mowers, is Kohler’s Quiet Cam technology. This advancement consists of a rounded cam lobe and solid nylon gear that work together to help reduce sound levels.

The optional cyclonic air filter is a heavy-duty filter that provides multiple stages of filtration for superior engine protection. After being screened at the intake port, air then enters a cleaning chamber, where it is circulated in a rapid, cyclonic motion to remove larger contaminants. A specialty filter, which can be used in combination with a pre-cleaner, then removes any remaining contaminants to ensure only clean air enters the engine.

“The cyclonic air filter is a great option to have available at this price point,” Luhman said. “It’s an impressive technology that helps maximize power while also prolonging engine life. When used with our pre-cleaner, the four-stage filtration process – called Quad-Clean air technology – is simply unequaled.”

The Confidant engine’s recoil- and electric-start options also make it ideal for wide-area walk-behind and stand-on mower applications. The high-impact nylon shroud and valve cover protect internal components when mowing around bushes and branches, and the chopper grass screen guard prevents grass and debris buildup.

The new Kohler 7000 Series is a line of vertical-shaft, V-twin engines that was specifically created for consumer applications that require a high-performing engine. The line encompasses six engine models ranging from 20 to 26 hp. — all incorporating newly designed, professional-grade cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, and numerous other enhancements to deliver power and reliability. The 7000 Series also offers responsive starting, utilizing a digital ignition on the 25- and 26-hp. models.

Durability features on the 7000 Series include cast-iron cylinder bores, pressure lubrication, and a dual-seal air filter to protect the engine in harsh conditions. Consistent Cut technology provides more consistent power to the deck, helping end users get the perfect cut. The 26-hp. model delivers more power through a higher 747-cc displacement.

“We’ve built a lot of extras into the 7000 Series engines to deliver durability and usability for end users,” said Luhman. “Simply stated, this new series of engines will make lawn mowing – and maintaining a lawn mower – easier and more enjoyable for consumers everywhere.”

All oil and fuel maintenance points – including the oil dipstick, oil filter, and fuel filter – are located on the same side of the engine for quick inspection. The engine’s dipstick handle has also been redesigned to be easier to grasp, simplifying regular oil checks. In addition, oil capacity has increased to two quarts, and a larger oil-fill tube is being utilized to allow oil to flow faster, which minimizes spilling. A top-access air cleaner is also built into the 7000 Series to allow a user to inspect or replace the air filter without the use of tools.

Available factory upgrades for the 7000 Series include Kohler’s PRO Performance Filtration Package, which adds a commercial-grade air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter to the engine. The company’s Quiet Cam technology, an advancement that helps to reduce sound levels, can also be added.

Kohler also expanded its 2000 Series with the introduction of the model RH265 — a 6.5-hp., horizontal-shaft, air-cooled, gasoline engine — which is ideal for a variety of consumer applications such as pressure washers, log splitters, tillers, edgers and other utility equipment. The lightweight and compact RH265 engine is ruggedly designed to help extend product life and incorporates several user-friendly features to provide straightforward, dependable operation.

“The Kohler RH265 engine was developed to be an easy-to-use workhorse for consumers everywhere,” said Cam Litt, marketing manager for Kohler Engines. “Due to the engine’s durability, reliability, and flexible design, we anticipate this model being widely utilized in all retail channels.”

The overhead valve design of the RH265 engine helps prolong life and enhance fuel efficiency. The engine’s splash lubrication system helps ensure all internal parts are appropriately oiled. Usability features incorporated into the engine include an easy-pull ergonomic handle for more comfortable and effective starting; dual oil fills and drains, so oil can be added or removed from either side of the engine; a larger fuel tank for longer run time; an enhanced muffler for quieter operation; and Kohler’s exclusive Accu-Fill, which adds an oversized fuel tank opening, as well as a fuel-level indicator inside of the tank to help prevent overfilling and spilling of gas.

To learn more about these engines, visit www.KohlerEngines.com.


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