Commercial-strength trimmer line and parts featured in Rotary’s 2014 catalog

For 2014, Rotary Corporation is offering a wide variety of trimmer line and trimmer heads, including a full line of professional vortex, diamond-cut, quad-tex and premium quad trimmer line. Available in loops, donuts or bulk spools, 100 percent of Rotary’s commercial-strength monofilament trimmer line is made in the United States.

Premium-grade trimmer line, high-wheel and pre-cut trimmer line from Rotary are among more than 9,000 parts, tools and accessories available for servicing dealers and distributors. Besides trimmer line, Rotary also has fast-loading trimmer heads, along with replacement spools, covers, housing and cam assemblies. Commercial trimmer heads with bump-feed line advancing, dual line, durable nylon construction, easy release and large spool capacity are also included. Rotary trimmer heads are designed and engineered for heavy-duty usage.

Rotary Corp.


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