Charter Software announces ASPEN Sales Kiosk (ASK) at ARA Rental Show

Charter Software Inc., a dealership business technology provider, officially launched a new dealership sales enhancement tool, ASK (ASPEN Sales Kiosk), at the ARA Rental Show Feb. 25 in Orlando, Fla. ASK is a sales tool that provides dealership customers a way to browse inventory.

Making its ARA Rental Show debut, Charter Software has gained notoriety in the equipment industry with the growing popularity of its ASPEN business management system and as one of two business system vendors approved by Doosan-Bobcat for its dealers. ASK is a sales tool application that runs on a Windows 8 touchscreen in conjunction with the dealership’s ASPEN system. ASK aids in-store customers with a “self-serve” means to search for information on parts and units.

“Basically, dealers are extending some of the capabilities of their ASPEN business system onto the showroom floor, allowing their customers to search for units and parts inventory on their own while they are waiting for service, or just looking to get a better idea of what to ask for help with,” said Charter Software President Anne Salemo. “With ASK, dealers can project an outward appearance that they are in line with technology trends simply by providing their in-store customers with an alternative medium to browse their inventory.”

When searching for parts using ASK, customers can view a part’s description, in-store availability, and images, along with the dealership’s floor map indicating the part’s location. Customers can also search for units using a variety of search terms such as model, name and unit description, and then pull up detailed information and images of the unit.

“We’re always adding new features to our ASPEN system to keep dealers abreast of the latest tools and technology that will enhance their business,” added Salemo. “Our users are always pleased with the enhancements we make to the software on a regular basis, and some have even joked with us that we anticipate their needs before they even realize them.”

For more information on ASK and how it works with ASPEN, contact Charter Software by phone at (303) 932-6875, extension 219, or via e-mail at or visit

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