DR Power Equipment expands kinetic RapidFire log splitter line

In 2011, DR Power Equipment introduced the kinetic RapidFire log splitter line — the world’s fastest log splitters — which offered a faster, easier and simpler way to split firewood than traditional hydraulic splitters. This fall, DR is expanding the RapidFire line to include 2 new models, including the lowest-priced kinetic splitter ever, and the world’s first electricpowered kinetic splitter.

DR RapidFire log splitters are kinetic log splitters, which function differently from traditional hydraulic units. Instead of messy hydraulic oil and pumps, they harness potential energy from massive spinning flywheels, unleashing it only when the operator activates a handle. This means that instead of slowly, painstakingly pushing a ram through a log, the kinetic splitter pops logs apart with a short, powerful burst of energy. Each new RapidFire model features a hefty flywheel (55 pounds), which stores potential energy from the engine. With just the push of a handle, the energy is released, splitting even tough, knotty logs in just 3 seconds, including the time for auto-retract. That’s more than 6 times faster than most hydraulic wood splitters.

“Kinetic splitting isn’t a new technology; it’s been around for over 50 years,” said Joe Perrotto, CEO and president of DR Power Equipment. “DR Power just made it more accessible by combining an affordable price with great DR quality. As Vermonters, we split a lot of wood, and as idyllic as it sounds to spend a day splitting wood for the winter, the reality is that most people want to get it done as quickly as possible. It can be back-breaking work, often hot and buggy, and the agony of watching a slow hydraulic splitter slowly push its ram through a tough piece of wood only adds to the misery. Kinetic splitters, on the other hand, are all about speed. Three seconds to split; add another log and do it again. It’s fast work that now makes the job enjoyable.”

Each new RapidFire model is able to outsplit a 22-ton hydraulic model, providing plenty of power for most homeowners. The current RapidFire line includes the Pro model, which outsplits a 28-ton hydraulic splitter, and the top-of-the-line Pro-XL model, which outsplits a 34-ton hydraulic. The best news for consumers might be the new competitive price points on the Premier models; now homeowners can own a kinetic splitter for just $1,199.99 (gas powered) or $1,299.99 (electric powered).

The new electric model — the only electric-powered kinetic log splitter on the market — is ideal for splitting wood on a porch, in a barn or garage, or anywhere close to your home. Virtually maintenance free, this model is the quietest and easiest-to-use RapidFire log splitter. For more versatility, the gas-powered model allows the operator to split away from a power outlet.

The new Premier RapidFire log splitters will be available at introductory pricing in mid-August 2014.

DR Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc.


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