Stihl Inc. celebrates 40th anniversary with eye toward the future

In early October, Stihl Inc. celebrated its 40th anniversary of manufacturing in the United States with an Oktoberfest event held in conjunction with its national sales meeting at its headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va.

The company continued that celebration with its dealers on Dealer Day at GIE+EXPO with an Oktoberfest-themed booth featuring a German band, plenty of beer and brats, and a $5,000 giveaway, while announcing that it was looking at another record year in 2014 and unveiling several new products and technology for 2015.

“Any celebration of Stihl’s success is a celebration of the servicing dealer,” said Nick Jiannas, vice president of sales and marketing for Stihl Inc. “On behalf of all Stihl employees around the world, I want to thank you, Stihl servicing dealers, for your continued support of Stihl products and programs and for helping us become (the) number one (selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment) in America.”

Tanya Kistner, owner of Eau Claire Lawn Equipment, Eau Claire, Wis., was the lucky winner of the $5,000 giveaway. The new product and technology introductions included the following:

1412_OPE_FS_GIE-EXPO_Stihl1_Stihl TSA 230 Cutquik-web

*Stihl TSA 230 Cutquik: Stihl introduced the world’s first lithium-ion powered cut-off machine, the TSA 230 Cutquik. The new battery-powered TSA 230 Stihl Cutquik cut-off machine starts with ease and changes the game for the jobsite, delivering maneuverability and solid cutting performance in a lightweight, compact package. With zero exhaust emissions, the TSA 230 enables indoor cutting in enclosed spaces and other jobsites where users are not permitted to use traditional gasoline-powered cut-off machines. Wet cutting is made easier with onboard water connection and control which suppresses dust. Dry cutting in dust-sensitive areas is aided by an available depth guide with vacuum adapter.

1412_OPE_FS_GIE-EXPO_Stihl2_Stihl HTA 85 lithium-ion pole pruner-web

* Stihl HTA 85 lithium-ion pole pruner: Stihl also introduced its first lithium-ion powered pole pruner, the HTA 85. Telescoping to 12 feet to make easy work of tree-trimming tasks, the HTA 85 runs on the same advanced interchangeable 36-volt rechargeable battery system as other Stihl lithium-ion tools. With no engine or filter to maintain and no fuel or engine oil needed, this pole pruner helps save time and money. At only 10 pounds, 8 ounces (without battery), the HTA 85 pole pruner offers lightweight, balanced cutting, thanks to its low-maintenance, brushless, commercial-grade, high-torque electric motor, and this extended-reach tool’s low vibration makes operation more comfortable than gasoline-powered units. The automatic chain-oiling feature lubricates the guide bar and saw chain. The HTA 85 starts with the engagement of a trigger and the variable-speed trigger switch allows for precise cutting by controlling the chain speed.

1412_OPE_FS_GIE-EXPO_Stihl3_Stihl HLA 85 lithium-ion hedge trimmer-web

* Stihl HLA 85 lithium-ion hedge trimmer: Stihl unveiled its first lithium-ion powered adjustable telescopic hedge trimmer, the HLA 85. This extended-reach hedge trimmer — equipped with an adjustable telescopic shaft (up to 10.5 feet) — makes easy work of cutting high bushes and hard-to-reach places near the ground. A durable 20-inch Stihl blade, ground on both sides, gives professional performance and the ability to cut precisely. The battery-powered trimmer produces low noise and low vibrations, making for a quieter work environment and offering comfortable operation. The brushless, commercial-grade, high-torque electric motor provides the power needed for tough cutting jobs and requires minimal maintenance. A run time of up to 11 hours at full power (with the AR 900 backpack battery) minimizes downtime on the job and the optional Rapid Charger enhances its fast re-charge rate. At 12.6 pounds, the cordless hedge trimmer is lightweight in comparison to gasoline-powered models, making it easy to handle. The compact design allows portability and provides outstanding control and maneuverability when making cuts. The gearbox can also be folded completely back for easy storage. Another versatile tool in the Stihl Battery KombiSystem line, this new hedge trimmer runs on the same advanced interchangeable 36-volt rechargeable battery system as other Stihl lithium-ion tools.

1412_OPE_FS_GIE-EXPO_Stihl4_Stihl Concept Chain Saw-web

* Stihl Concept Chain Saw: Stihl constantly tests new technologies and presented the remarkable results of the feasibility study for a chain saw – the Stihl Concept Chain Saw. The Stihl Concept Chain Saw demonstrates its impressive acceleration and excellent dynamics in actual sawing operation. The Stihl Concept Chain Saw will not go into volume production, but the knowledge gained during its development and testing will go into optimizing future Stihl products. The Stihl Concept Chain Saw features components that utilize materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and refined die-cast magnesium. The result is significant weight reduction without compromising durability. The Stihl Concept Chain Saw also utilizes fuel-injection technology. The result? Easier starting, quick acceleration and constant power delivery in a variety of working conditions. The Stihl Concept Chain Saw has the power of the MS 661 C-M with similar weight as the MS 362 C-M, resulting in a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio.

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