Rotary offers complete line of Copperhead chainsaw parts for 2015

Rotary has unveiled more than 250 new Copperhead chainsaw bars and chain, as well as a wide variety of parts and accessories for 2015. Featured items include low-profile, semi-chisel and chisel chain in 25- and 100-foot rolls, along with a variety of commercial-grade saw bars for the most popular brands. Engineered for quality, reliability and maximum performance, Rotary’s Copperhead saw bars and chain are featured in a special 120-page section of the company’s master catalog. Also included are assortments of bolts, links, sprockets, fuel filters, starter parts, ignition coils, and bar stud nuts. Plus, Rotary offers a full array of chainsaw filters, springs, carburetion kits, piston and cylinder assemblies, crankshafts, pole saw bars, repair tools, files and chain breakers. For more information, visit or call (800) 841-3989.


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