Electronic governor now available on Kohler Command PRO horizontal-shaft engines

Kohler Engines announced March 10 that it has introduced an electronic governor as a new option on the company’s Command PRO horizontal-shaft engines. The new feature monitors and electronically controls engine speed to deliver optimum performance under varying loads. Kohler’s electronic governor allows for a maximum power greater than that offered through a mechanical control system. The engine’s frequency range is also tightened by the governor, meaning less variation in rpm under continuous power conditions.

“Simply stated, this is a more technically advanced control system that helps to really fine-tune engine performance in a variety of utility equipment,” said Scott Lee, associate product manager for Kohler Engines. “Construction pros who use welders, generators, pressure washers, and water pumps will appreciate the enhanced consistency, optimized power, and prolonged equipment life delivered through our e-Governor.”

The new electronic governor will be available as an option on all Kohler Command PRO horizontal-shaft engines, beginning in early 2015. In combination with other performance benefits of the Command PRO line — including a rugged and user-friendly design, quiet and comfortable operation, and reliable starting — the e-Governor will help extend an enhanced overall experience to construction professionals who demand the best from their gasoline-powered utility equipment.

For additional details about the new electronic governor from Kohler Engines, or to learn more about the rugged, easy-to-use, and dependable Kohler Command PRO engine line, visit www.KohlerEngines.com.


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