BOB-CAT launches new warranty

BOB-CAT, a manufacturer of commercial-quality turf mowers, introduced “Mow with Confidence” — a new warranty with expanded coverage across its entire product line — effective Sept. 1, 2015. Backed by the BOB-CAT Promise, the improved warranties give customers greater confidence and protection on their equipment investments.

BOB-CAT has significantly extended the warranty period on all Predator-Pro and ProCat mowers to a 6-year/2,750-hour protection plan. The company is also backing its mid-size walk-behind mowers with a 3-year/2,500-hour program. In addition, BOB-CAT is extending warranty coverage on all other BOB-CAT mowers.

“We want people to feel comfortable and confident purchasing a BOB-CAT mower, and we wouldn’t offer an industry-leading warranty program if we didn’t feel confident in our products ourselves,” said Pat Cappucci, company president and COO. “Our new improved warranties stand as a testament to our high-quality mowers — and demonstrate that we stand behind every BOB-CAT mower we produce, ensuring our customers get a durable, dependable and reliable mower for years to come.”

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