Polaris RANGER XP 900

The Polaris RANGER XP 900 is a hard-working, smooth-riding, side-by-side utility vehicle powered by a 68-hp. ProStar 900 engine. With features such as 1-ton towing and a 1,000-pound cargo box capacity that can fit a pallet and is compatible with Lock & Ride accessories, the RANGER XP 900 can tackle any project thrown its way. For accessory integration, the cab frame features profile tubing, providing a 360-degree sealing surface to accept exclusive PRO-FIT cab accessories. Windshields, roofs, doors and rear panels follow the shape of the vehicle, locking directly into the cab frame’s precision contours. For work applications, Polaris offers a Speedkey System where the yellow key limits the vehicle’s speed to 25 mph and is ideal for controlling speed during work-related projects or when lower speeds are needed.


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