Husqvarna unveils innovative products and services for pros and consumers at GIE+EXPO 2015

Husqvarna announced at GIE+EXPO that it is extending its suite of high-performing professional products and services that cater to the needs of tree care and landscaping experts, and the company is bolstering its consumer line with innovative products.

For 2016, Husqvarna will be offering an array of new, professional-grade solutions that optimize operational efficiencies and ensure consistently high performance. Innovations include:

* A new fuel-efficient zero-turn mower, plus a sleek and powerful new walk-behind model

* A low-maintenance, feature-rich, battery-powered blower

* Upgrades throughout the high-end handheld 500 Series

* Safe, reliable personal protective equipment (PPE)

* A novel, cloud-based data system for landscaping professionals

Shortly before GIE+EXPO, Husqvarna hosted a group of 42 commercial end users at its Charlotte, N.C.-based headquarters to preview these new products through demonstration sessions — and create a forum for some of their most valuable customers to provide feedback.

“Equipping our commercial end users with innovative, reliable products is incredibly important,” said Walt Rose, national sales manager, commercial lawn and garden and tree care for Husqvarna. “The commercial summit created an opportunity for our internal experts to provide some of our highly valued customers with hands-on demonstrations of key new products and discuss application for their specific businesses.”

Husqvarna showcased the following products and services at GIE+EXPO:

Professional Products and Services

* New mowers: For large properties requiring professional performance and premium-cut quality, the company introduced the latest addition to its M-ZT Series zero-turn high-performance mower lineup — the Husqvarna M-ZT61 EFI.

An enjoyable, reliable mowing experience is ensured, thanks to a 27-hp. EFI engine, intuitive operator interface, rugged 2-inch by 3-inch heavy-duty steel frame, and commercial-rated hydraulic system. With a rugged fabricated steel deck that is mulch and collection capable, the M-ZT61 EFI is practical for all property maintenance needs.

The latest walk-behind mower — the Husqvarna LC221Ai — integrates technology advancements with proven design elements, providing balance and power to all four wheels to handle tough-terrain cutting. Key features include all-wheel drive for optimum traction on hills or wet grass; a high-capacity 2.3-bushel bag; a 15-gauge-steel high-performance deck for superb cutting; a 21-inch all-in-one cutting blade; and the easy, no-prime, no-choke InStart bail starting system.

* Battery-powered blower: The Husqvarna 436LiB blower is lightweight, low maintenance and easy-to-use for the time-conscious professional seeking high-quality performance similar to gas-powered products. A simple tap on the control panel starts it instantly, and cruise control maintains constant speeds while the power boost setting allows removal of stubborn debris, leaves and dirt — even indoors. A slim, narrow design and soft grip make operation a breeze. Pair it with an efficient backpack battery system (Husqvarna’s BLi520X or BLi940X) for longer runtimes.

* Husqvarna 500 Series: Powerful, fuel-efficient, low-emission X-Torq engines and well-balanced, ergonomic designs are hallmarks of the Husqvarna 500 Series of battery-powered, handheld equipment. Each product delivers the discerning professional the power and durability needed to efficiently complete the most demanding jobs.

The Husqvarna 562 XP mid-size chain saw has a unique design and heavy-duty construction for long-lasting performance.

The Husqvarna 525HF3S fixed-pole hedge trimmer has a 26-inch-long, double-sided cutter bar on a durable 32-inch shaft for operator safety.

The Husqvarna 580BTS is a powerful backpack blower designed for demanding tasks, thanks to an efficient fan design that generates large air flow and high air speed.

The easy-to-operate Husqvarna 555 FX clearing saw has an optimized gear head to deliver professional performance even during tough, long and demanding shifts.

One durable 40V Li-ion high-performance battery may be used interchangeably among all battery-powered Husqvarna products.

* Accessories: Husqvarna complements its products by offering a wide range of reliable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including two new product lines that blend comfort with the latest safety enhancements.

New technical jackets and pants are designed for comfort and protection. They provide zippered pockets, pre-bent knees and arms for better fit, ventilation zippers and Cordura reinforcement over elbows, and other essential protective features. The jackets and pants feature 4-way stretch material — the pants also include chain saw nylon warp knit protection materials.

The new pro technical forest helmet is comfortable and lightweight, featuring a one-handed ratchet system that allows for easy size adjustment. Built to meet relevant ANSI standards, it includes a free-view visor for optimal visibility and mesh ventilation for increased comfort during long hours of use.

* Husqvarna Fleet Services: A new cloud-based service, Fleet Services connects the machine fleet and landscaping teams directly to an online portal, enabling landscaping professionals to have insights into their operations at their fingertips. By mounting a small wireless machine sensor to an outdoor power product, Husqvarna Fleet Services captures machine status data, translating it into valuable information that can be used to help boost productivity and improve the bottom line. The Fleet Services system is in final beta testing with key tree care and landscape pros, and it will be made available as early as 2016.

Husqvarna plans to launch a smartphone app to further support onsite operations and improve crew involvement.

“Professionals rely on Husqvarna for power, precision and durability under the harshest conditions,” said Jeff Dewosky, vice president, general manager for Husqvarna NA. “These product and program innovations ensure professional users can address any challenge.”

Consumer Products

Husqvarna continues to reduce the gap between man and machine, with innovative, powerful new products that make lawn and garden care easier than ever for homeowners.

Robotic mowers that require minimal operator support, a highly efficient battery-powered trimmer, and a technologically advanced walk-behind mower add to Husqvarna’s centuries-old reputation for engineering excellence.

“These new products superbly continue our tradition of producing powerful, ergonomic products that are packed with innovation,” said Dewosky. “We are proud to be delivering homeowners more high-quality products that are convenient to use, reliable, and durable.”

* Advancements in robotic mowing: Husqvarna is the world’s market leader in robotic lawn mowing, and its new three-product line offers users a wide range of features and benefits.

The Husqvarna Automower 315, for smaller yet complex lawns; Husqvarna Automower 430X, for medium- to large-size lawns; and Husqvarna Automower 450X, for large lawns, blend ease-of-use with advanced technologies to produce a carpet-like lawn with minimum interaction with the machine.

The Husqvarna Automower 315 has a mowing capacity of 1/3 acre, delivering silent, emission-free performance over rough terrain, steep slopes and in complex areas.

The Husqvarna Automower 430X has a mowing capacity of 2/3 acre, and its environmentally friendly solution delivers a continuously well-cut lawn, even with steep slopes and intricate lawn layouts.

The Husqvarna Automower 450X has a mowing capacity of 1.25 acres, and its numerous sophisticated, built-in functions include Automower Connect — a smartphone app that allows the user to keep track of and control the robotic mower from anywhere.

* Environmentally friendly trimmer: A new addition to the Husqvarna Battery Series of ergonomic, low-maintenance products enables homeowners to easily complete even the most challenging task — with no gas and no emissions. The Husqvarna 136LiL trimmer features high-quality performance that efficiently gets the job done, thanks to advanced battery technology that allows for optimal power. The intuitive keypad allows for one-touch on/off control and access to the save mode, which lowers output performance and increases battery life in less-demanding situations.

Driven by a powerful 40V lithium-ion battery pack, it provides a telescopic shaft and a broad 13-inch cutting diameter.

* Walk-behind mower: The latest walk-behind mower — the Husqvarna LC221Ai — integrates technology advancements with proven design elements, providing balance and power to all four wheels. It meets high expectations for tough-terrain cutting — even in urban environments.

Its key features include all-wheel drive for optimum traction on hills or wet grass; a high-capacity 2.3-bushel bag; a 15-gauge-steel high-performance deck; a 21-inch all-in-one cutting blade; and the simple-to-use, no-prime, no-choke InStart bail starting system.

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