Great Day, Inc. Model UVUR10-MF rear utility rack for UTV

UTVs are now a major addition to the OPE dealer’s floorplan. So adding to the UTV bed with a rear utility rack is a great way to enhance the workability features of the UTV. This same technology has been used for years by adding tool holders to landscaping trailers. However, the user was still limited to walking and carrying the tool across potentially a long distance. Using the UVUR10-MF from Great Day, Inc., and adding the TTih402 holders on the sides allows the rider to easily rack the tool items, thereby freeing up the space of the bed to place mulch, pine straw, and other items that belong there. The Great Day TTiH402 implement holders can be added to the sides of the UVUR10-MF rear utility rack for UTV to provide an easy and convenient way to transport a string trimmer, rake, hoe, shovel, blower or other types of landscaping/lawn care tools. The holders are sold in sets of two, so up to three sets of holders (holding three tools) can be added to the right and left side of the UVUR10-MF rack. The UVUR10-MF rear utility rack for a UTV adjusts to fit the bed and cab height of UTVs universally. With its telescoping frame, installation is a snap. The utility rack expands to fit the UTV bed from 29 inches to 45 inches front to back, 41 inches to 59 inches side-to-side, and up to 36 inches high. The utility rack includes a 50-inch front extension that provides support when transporting longer items on the top side. The UVUR10-MF rear utility rack is constructed of super-strong, but lightweight aircraft aluminum. Maximum load capacity is 100 pounds.


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