EETC launches online, non-proctored four-stroke engine certification exam recognized by Briggs & Stratton

The Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) is stepping up its efforts to address the critical shortage of qualified service technicians in the outdoor power equipment industry by introducing an online, non-proctored, four-stroke engine certification exam. The new exam has received recognition from Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

“The EETC has really improved its exam technology, making it easier for anyone to take a test,” said John Piechowski, director, global dealer support, Briggs & Stratton Corporation. “We’re excited to begin recognizing the EETC’s four-stroke engine exam as equivalent to our ‘Authorized Dealer’ exam. Technicians can now take either exam for Briggs & Stratton educational credit.”

Now, instead of having to go through the EETC’s previous process of looking online for a proctor to administer the exam, contacting the proctor to arrange a time and place to take the test, and then often having to travel long distances to take the exam, those individuals looking to become four-stroke engine certified can take the test online, without a proctor, at their own convenience.

“This streamlines the whole process and allows them to take the test 24/7,” said EETC Executive Director Erik Sides. “We’re moving to proctor-less testing for all eight of our certifications.”

For security purposes, Sides said each online certification exam will be different, with 150 questions randomly selected from a large bank of questions, and the answer choices will even be randomly arranged. The new certification test will not be retroactive for Briggs & Stratton educational credit, only the new online four-stroke engine exam #419 will be recognized.

For more information and to register for the EETC’s new online four-stroke engine certification, visit


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