UEDA conducting 2019 OPE Cost of Doing Business Study

The United Equipment Dealers Association (UEDA) announced that its 2019 Cost of Doing Business Study is underway. HBK’s Dealership Industry Group, led by Rex Collins, CPA, CVA, will once again be compiling and analyzing information. The study will assess the financial performance and condition of outdoor power equipment (OPE) dealers for 2018 based on the data received by all participating dealers.

As with any industry study, the strength of the final product improves with a strong population of data. As a manager and/or owner of an OPE dealership, you have the power to help make this study a huge success for the UEDA organization and the industry itself.

All participating dealerships will receive a free copy of the final report, which includes key financial performance ratios and benchmarks for your dealership, your market and the overall industry. The overall time commitment to participate in the survey should take the dealership 5 to 10 minutes.

Respondents may complete the survey online here, send the information securely through SafeSend, or fax to 330-758-0357. If you prefer, you may also e-mail, fax, or mail your financial information for 2017 and 2018 to the UEDA office.


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