Electrical Systems for Outdoor Power Equipment textbook released

The Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) announced the release of the Electrical Systems for Outdoor Power Equipment textbook.

Electrical Systems for Outdoor Power Equipment is intended for technicians and those working in the small engine outdoor power equipment industry who want to gain detailed knowledge of the electrical systems specific to equipment powered by small engines such as lawn and garden tractors, snow throwers, generators, wood chippers, etc. 

The book consists of 224 pages with 142 illustrations, the target audience includes secondary, post-secondary, and trade schools that offer training in small engines, automotive, and related equipment. The new textbook is utilized by the EETC for its OPE Electrical Systems Certification Exam.

The book includes sections on Electrical Safety; Electrical Fundamentals; Electrical Test Instruments; Storage Batteries; Electrical Components; Basic Electrical Circuits and Systems; Circuits, Symbols and Diagrams; and Electromechanical Components.

ISBN: 978-0-8269-0037-1

Format: Softcover

Copyright: ©2019

Price: $48.00


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