Intimidator UTV and TGB join forces

Intimidator UTV and TGB Engine Company have joined forces to create one of the most powerful UTVs on the market. Intimidator is powering its GC1K and GC1K Crew Series UTVs with TGB’s 1000 engine, combining the creative engineering forces from both companies.

The TGB 1000 V-Twin engine boasts 83 horses, 67 pounds of torque, and speeds up to 65 mph. Other engine features include: 

* 4-stroke, V-Twin, 2-cylinder SOHC

* 10.2 compression ratio

* 997.1cc displacement

* Liquid-cooled

* ECU ignition and electric starting

* Uses Octane 87 unleaded gasoline

* Engine oil SAE 15W-40 (API SF or SG)

* 10,000-foot altitude test and verification usage

Taiwan Golden Bee (TGB) is a subsidiary of Taiwan Vespa Company (TVC), and was established in 1965 under a license of Italian Piaggio. For more than 50 years of industrial experiences, TGB has accumulated its capabilities to build up its own R&D and testing teams, and has recently launched its 1000 Series Power Products, which have been approved by the European markets since 2015. 

“Our advanced technology results in superior performance. Our 1000 engine has the highest horsepower and greatest torque of any comparable UTV on the market,” said TGB President George Lin.

Intimidator offers world-class, American-made, side-by-side 4×4 vehicles, with unparalleled strength, power, and performance at an affordable price. The company’s expanding line of products includes the Intimidator Classic, Intimidator Crew Cab, Intimidator Truck Series, and now the new GC1K and GC1K Crew Cab.

The GC1K Series UTVs by Intimidator sports a heavy-duty frame, and an improved plastics package. It is tougher, faster, and decked out to give you the ultimate side-by-side experience.


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