Greenworks new Bike Handle String Trimmer-Brush Cutter awarded

Greenworks Commercial announced that its new 82TB16 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer – Brush Cutter and the 82TB18 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer – Brush Cutter have been launched to positive feedback.

In fact, the tools won the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award for battery powered string trimmers for filling a gap in the market for a gas-equivalent pro-level, battery-powered string trimmer optimized for use in large areas. 

The 16-inch and 18-inch bike handle trimmers use an ergonomic-friendly design for maximum comfort and utility in mind, allowing professionals to tear through heavy brush and woods with superior maneuverability and less stress on the arms.  The balance and directional “steering” make both the 82TB16 and 82TB18 ideally suited for tackling tall grasses and weeds in larger open fields and common areas.  For stubborn weeds and brush, both the 82TB16 and 82TB18 come standard with a Brush Cutter blade, as well.

“Handling stubborn brush and weeds in a large area has always been one of professional landscapers most taxing jobs,” said Tony Marchese, Commercial Business Unit Leader for Greenworks America. “That’s why we are seeing so many professionals pleased by our new bike handle trimmers, the 82TB16 and the 82TB18. The improved ergonomic Bike Handle design and ease of use have made a positive difference in the work lives of landscapers. All the while, not compromising power or performance.” 

Powered exclusively by the company’s revolutionary 82V lithium-ion battery, all of Greenworks Commercial’s trimmers guarantee that landscape professionals can get even the most rigorous of trimming jobs completed with time and cost efficiency.  In addition, the elimination of harmful fuel emissions and the significant reduction in noise pollution that comes from using lithium-ion powered OPE creates a safer, healthier and more pleasant work experience for users.  

The new Greenworks Commercial 82TB16 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer and the 82TB18 Brushless Bike Handle String Trimmer are available now through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff, Edney, PACE, Celtic, GC Duke, EFS, LL Johnson, and Steven Willand independent dealer networks.

The 82TB16 is priced at $365.00 and the 82TB18 is priced at $389.00. Each tool comes with a two-year warranty.


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