Iron Solutions expands with 600 new equipment categories

Franklin, Tennessee-based Iron Solutions is adding an “Other Equipment” feature to its popular IronGuides equipment appraisal platform, adding more than 600 new types of equipment to its valuation software, based on actual sales reports from dealers and auctions across North America.

The Other Equipment appraisal data archive includes highly customized equipment types, such as planters, as well as a wide range of other equipment.  This tool will allow the user access to more reliable information on actual sold transaction data for this and other equipment types.

Now available is sales data on popular categories including:

  • Guidance systems
  • Planters
  • Mowers/rotary cutters
  • Grain carts
  • Rakes
  • Road Graders
  • Field cultivators
  • Disks
  • Grain augers
  • and hundreds more

The new equipment types encompass the broad equipment sectors of agriculture, outdoor power and compact construction.

“Iron Solutions created this extensive new database expansion at the request of customers who desired more accurate, standardized sold transactions for these important equipment categories,” said Linda Rader, general manager at Iron Solutions. 

Data can be sorted by geographic location, manufacturer, model, model year and sold report information and it features actual selling price from retail and auction sources.


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